A Little Chaos


Dialogue from rose scene between Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman in the movie: A Little Chaos (2014)

For the most famous
gardener in the world.

Allow me,
Your Majesty.

A light, honest scent.
Natural and unforced.
Some of the roses
seem faded
and overblown.

That fate awaits
all roses, sire.

Continue, madame.

All roses are open
to the elements,
Your Majesty.
They bud, bloom and fade.

Is that so, madame?

The rose grows
entirely unaware,
changing naturally
from one state to another,
and although the elements
may treat her cruelly,
she knows nothing of it
and continues to her end
without judgment
on her beauty.

’tis not the same for us.
If such a rose could speak,
what would she say?

Yes, I am here
and gave service
under nature’s eye,
and after me,
my children will be.
Is there any
greater contribution
or more graceful end?

A wise rose.
And what protection
can the gardener
afford this rose
from the harsh
elements of change?

Patience, care
and a little warmth
from the sun
are our best hope,
Your Majesty.

I’m obliged to you, madame,
for that sweet reminder.
Now walk with me.

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