Events Diary

19 May 2017 Fourth physiotherapy session and first acupuncture. Go shopping for Dorothy, for the first time without her
15 May 2017 Save moth from shower for 40 minutes, open wings and feed honey
7 May 2017 Create/build own trestles for desk/plank for paperwork
5 May 2017 Bob Dylan – Nottingham. VIP Experience.
1 May 2017 Rugby Spring Fair, meet Richard Guide Dogs stand. See the Galloping Acrobatics girls and horse
16 Mar 2017 MRI (Head)
9 Mar 2017 Oxfordshire with Richard & Victor – Field, Blenheim State Rooms (Guided) and Gardens. Visit Kiwi Stu and Sienna.
27 Feb 2017 House
20 Dec 2016 Car incident
10 Nov 2016 Stratford with Nabeel
7 Nov 2016 Leonard Cohen passes away
11 Sep 2016 Sunday P.M. Bourton-on-the-Water
6 Sep 2016 War Memorial Park with Dorothy
4 Sep 2016 Baddesley Clinton (National Trust) with Richard and Guide Dog Victor
20 Aug 2016 Visit Uncle Edwin at care home, meet his friend Eddie and staff and build bookcase for his room. BBQ there. 3 shetland ponies brought into the care home
19 Aug 2016 Take Richard and Victor to Midland Air Museum, and I climb into / sit inside Vulcan Bomber –
16-17 Aug 2016 Flooring.
16 Aug 2016 Guide Dogs Dorothy. Shops then tea in her garden.
12-14 Aug 2016 Collect and build large pent shed
2 Aug 2016 Go on find until 3am. Get stuck on Turweston Aerodrome but find an exit through fields and farm.
23 Jul 2016 Bletchingdon Village Hall party for Aunty Di’s 75th 7-10.30 p.m.
21-22 Jul 2016 Drive late evening to West Moors for stay at Uncle and Aunties (for one night). Friday have breakfast and drive to Sandbanks for 1.5 hrs at the beach (reading). Drive to Sandbanks car ferry and spend a whole day in Swanage. Found farm cafe between ferry and Swanage stopped for lunch (wholemeal toasted cheese sandwich and salad and coffee and a slice of cake). At Swanage got lucky and discovered an excellent parking spot close to the sea. Had great day. Did property work/research on laptop, walked, sat on beach, played some beach games and took a paddle boat out for 30 minutes, and spent much of the day in favourite spot – Bull & Boat beach bar/restaurant at the seafront
10 Jul 2016 Wimbledon Men’s Singles: Murray (2nd time). British F1: L Hamilton. Euro 2016 Final: Portugal
24 Jun 2016 EU Referendum. I vote Remain. Unthinkable happens and UK votes out
19 Jun 2016 Anton Yelchin passes away
17 Jun 2016 Aunty Di’s Funeral and Lisas birthday
4 Jun 2016 Played Monopoly City (for six hours).
3 Jun 2016 Muhammad Ali passes away
3 Jun 2016 Bread & Co Smith Street Bakery Cafe Warwick
10 May 2016 Purchase fully-loaded Herman Miller Aeron chair. Drive to central London and back. Demographics and traffic has changed alarmingly / rapidly over 9 years since I last drove Central London.
9 May 2016 Starting to feel like true self again
3 May 2016 Looked out of the window; by chance witnessed a short heavy dog fall out of a rear car window travelling at 30mph to the ground and get knocked by the car. Luckily dog/car owner returned, dog appeared ok (on the surface)
23 Apr 2016 Watched the BBC 2 live tribute to Shakespeare at the RSC on TV – and at 10.30pm I decided on a whim to drive to Stratford upon Avon

I parked the car, and walked by the Stage Door (because I know where it is and it was on the way to the Church Shakespeare is buried), anyway, a crowd of people were there shouting ‘Benedict’ – Charles and Camilla drove past and Benedict Cumberbatch walked right infront of me. Girls were going crazy

Then I walked to the church where Shakespeare is buried (normally you have to pay to go in), but it was open and people were queueing to walked through the main church doors, pay their respects to the bard and walk out via the front side door.

There were fires along the path at the entrance to the church yard (I think from a scene an hour before in the BBC TV event when the Fiennes actor from Shakespeare in Love was there) – anyway, the most special thing of all .. after 15 minutes of the line edging forward it was my turn, and just as I walked up to Shakespeares resting place.. the clock bells chimed midnight .. on the 400th anniversary of his death.. in a big world, I was stood right there, infront of the mortal remains of Shakespeare… quite unique and special, also because there was a chior either side of me singing and a priest saying words in latin

I then walked along the Avon for a bit and then to the clock in the centre before leaving

18 Apr 2016 Drive Richard to Stoneleigh Abbey and walk around the gardens and woods with Guide Dog Victor. Tea Rooms closed, played poohsticks from a bridge
10 Apr 2016 Buy several books and walk around Stratford Upon Avon. Take man-powered ferry across the river (Avon)
29 Feb 2016 Purchase black (no handle) Danish cup, and 2 leather belts. Catch bus to airport, take flight back
28 Feb 2016 Walk in woods by Carolines house, misty, walk under trainline to the sea. Sit against wall / read book. PM meet Caroline, go food shopping and cooked her a roast chicken dinner
27 Feb 2016 Take a bus to visit Moesgård museum. Much about the Iron Age and Bronze Age. Saw Grauballe Man (peet bog exhibit). Upstairs exhibition on Mexicos ‘Day of the Dead’ which was interesting to learn more about. Viking section was smaller than expected. Good museum but quite depressing with lots of talk about hardship and the dead. I wish humans would leave graves and buried people alone. Good museum, surprised at the technology in Danish museums – far superior (and unique). Walk around Mindeparken in the evening (with help and walk from a mother with a pushchair who told us more about Danish living), listened to audio book and take bus back. Watched Documentary called Slingshot on laptop, about Dean Kamen
26 Feb 2016 Friday – visit ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, see Ron Muecks ‘Boy’. Chinese exhibition, Leonard Rickhard and Rainbow Panorama. Go to Carolines and put on some music for her which she likes ‘very much’. Go to ‘Bones’ restaurant for expensive steak meal and ‘Royal’ beer
25 Feb 2016 Walk to Den Gamle By (old town), purchase ink and pen, horse carriage ride through old town and botanical gardens. Visit Botanical Gardens. Check out basic Viking museum in Aarhus and speak to Ukrainian woman by the Catherdral. Evening go to Carolines, another Danish dish followed by a game of cluedo.
24 Feb 2016 Drive to Stanstead airport and fly to Aarhus, Denmark. Speak to a girl (traveling with her mum) on the bus from Aarhus Airport to Bus Station in center. She works for Tate Gallery London (in marketing). Wait on steps for Rebbecka to arrive with key to AirBnB. Good apartment, feminists – nude polaroid pictures of her and her friends on bathroom wall. Great shop near apartment, buy some supplies for lunches. Visit Carolines pm. See her apartment, meet Frederikke and they cook a Danish meal. She has music in background (German musician). Hygge environment.
1 Feb 2016 Eye Hospital
30 Jan 2016 Stratford Upon Avon late afternoon and dusk walk around the shops and lamp lit streets
28 Jan 2016 Opticians
14 Jan 2016 Another hero. Alan Rickman passes away today
10 Jan 2015 David Bowie passed away
7 Jan 2015 Guide Dogs Richard meets his new friend (Guide Dog) Victor
30th Dec 2015 Invent and launch
29th Dec 2015 New Clutch
28th Dec 2015 Meet Ona, a Lithuanian on the Kenilworth Greenway – search for missing keys (belonging to her sister) for several hours. Positive ending, due to word of mouth and locating lady who picked up keys by logical deduction and Warwickshire Police. Ona offered to bake me a cake as a thank you.
13th Dec 2015 Dobbies
6th Dec 2015 Purchased exercise bike for HIT exercise. Sold treadmill.
3rd Dec 2015 Fit wall bracket to kitchen for television, and make 22mm hole in wall (with fitted brush plates) for HDMI
20th Nov 2015 10 years of keeping tropical fish (this month); last two died last night. 1 x dropsy 1 x broken heart
Richard telephoned, he has final approval and will receive a Guide Dog
30th Oct 2015 Drive back to West Midlands. 9.5 hour journey (to do 267 miles) due to immense road works SW and end of half term traffic. Reminder to self – don’t drive distance on Fridays. Stop at Gloucester Services to investigate how modern services can be built
29th Oct 2015 Drive to Portreath late morning waiting for Phil to wake up in Carharrack. Sit on camping chair middle of beach with book, walk on the rocks. Visit the Atlantic Cafe / hot lemon drink. P.M. watch Spectre (the latest Bond film) with Philip. Late evening / over night make a kiridashi knife out of damascus steel with Phils guidance and new shop setup
28th Oct 2015 Discover genuine Cornish pasties being sold in Cornish Supermarkets (hot – with pasty tax?). Drive to other (Penzance) hospital, Phil visits 100 year old Gran who developed sudden health ailment other week. She is improving. Finish moving Phils workshop. Indian Restaraunt with Phil and Verity
27th Oct 2015 Move much of the workshop. Using X-Trail and an 8 foot trailer. First time with trailer and reversing. Our most productive day
26th Oct 2015 Drive to Guest House in Cornwall, then to Carharrack to meet Phil and Verity at Veritys mums Farm. Meet a cat called Alfie who likes my shoulders like a parrot and sneaking in to my car when he knows I don’t want him to. Drive to a local hospital.
25th Oct 2015 Trip to South West to help Phil with house move. Spend one night in Devon, close to Plymouth Hoe. Walk from Hoe to Barbican. Pint outside Ship Inn & read book. Walk back with moonlight on sea
18th Sep 2015 Meet Matthew at, and visit Bletchley Park. Drifting experience late afternoon
8th Sep 2015 Guide Dogs Training Centre Day with Richard
2nd Aug 2015 Kate Rusby (Concert) – Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford Upon Avon
25th Jul 2015 Visit Mums Aunty Di, restaurant with Mum. Rachels with Matthew in the evening, meet Em
14th Jun 2015 Sparring Set
9th Jun 2015 Harveys Knife arrived
5th Jun 2015 Outdoor Tennis – Abbey Fields Kenilworth
4th Jun 2015 Hatton Locks
3rd Jun 2015 Varidesk & Mat
28th May 2015 Woken by a small bird attacking window
25th May 2015 Cycle ride (sort of). Replaced bicycle chain before leaving (boring & grrr)
18th May 2015 Mad Max Fury Road (Milton Keynes) Cineworld 4D Cinema Experience
16th May 2015 Warwick Library, Bread & Co Smith Street Bakery Cafe & Hatton Locks
9th May 2015 Warwick – sweet honeycomb, chocolate pieces, light cream topping on layer of salted caramel and crunchy biscuit
3rd May 2015 Bread & Co Smith Street Bakery Cafe; Welsh Rarebit, Bora Bora Tea. Art Shop, Vintage Toy Shop. Library – Warwick
25th Apr 2015 Liza Tarbuck read out my email on her BBC Radio 2 Show. National Radio / first time
28 Mar 2015 Digital Piano
27 Mar 2015 Visit Shop: Bikers Paradise
20 Mar 2015 Tooth extraction in Royal Leamington Spa (9am) solar eclipse when exiting building
15 Mar 2015 Purchase: Kawasaki ZZR 600 Motorcycle
21 Feb 2015 Purchased/started reading book – The Catcher in the Rye – Winona Ryders favourite book
21 Feb 2015 Sort Garden, bonfire all day
26 Jan 2015 (Experienced) unusually good/real dream
25 Jan 2015 The Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy (in 2013) visited and linked to an older tagmag webpage! to her poem ‘New Vows‘ via a Book Club article on The Guardian website.
8 Jan 2015 Met Mums cousin today – discovered he is guitar tech to a hero – Pixies Charles Thompson !!! and Joey Santiago, and with Radiohead for 20 years. Travels all over the world with them. Seeked out my copy (CD) of OK Computer this morning – he is printed / mentioned in the credits! as Technician (Guitar maintenance and deck chairs) !!
15 Dec 2014 Visited Birmingham. Found steak burger, German beer & Kinder chocolate crêpe
13 Dec 2014 Made a byron style burger (with part toasted brioche bun). Also set up Sage Nutri Juicer Plus today, (and tested alarm)
7 Dec 2014 Made a great stew
5 Dec 2014 Walk: 5 miles: Draycote Water
16 Nov 2014 Arrive at cinema, told showing is captioned (subtitled). Retired to car – had an idea – returned to cinema to ask if anyone else has booked a ticket ten mins after start time – told no – so I asked for a projectionist / manager – if they could run the movie without subtitles – and he did! Good cinema, manager, film. On leaving couple struggling to find open door, to which I said “it’s an enigma” to which the lady laughed and said “very good”.
2 Nov 2014 Collected Body Solid Bench, Weights and Bar and Walk: Delapré Abbey. Gave apple to a horse. Saw an Eleanor Cross
27 Oct 2014 Walk: South Wales
23 Oct 2014 Visit Sams Farm
Work in Southam
12 Oct 2014 Walk: 5 miles: Draycote Water. Chance upon fisherman hook and landing fish, and man strip-collecting bark
3 Oct 2014 Indoor Karting with Amazon Vouchers I picked up in June –
2 Oct 2014 Walk: 3-4 mile walk / Kingsbury
25 Sep 2014 Walk: 3-4 mile walk / Kingsbury
21 Sep 2014 Walk: Malvern Hills from British Camp South
17 Sep 2014 Walk: 5 mile Circular Walk Hunningham Nr The Royal Oak
13 Sep 2014 Played Tennis
8 Sep 2014 Busfest 2014 ‘The World’s Largest VW Camper Show’
and Walk: Malvern Hills
31 Aug 2014 Walk: Shropshire. Church Stretton. The Long Mynd / Ludlow Castle
22-25 Aug 2014 In Hospital.
Laser Clay Shooting
21 Jun 2014 Warwick Museum and Street Events
11 Jun 2014 Motorcycle Practical Driving Test. MOD 2. Pass All: Full License
7 May 2014 Motorcycle Manoeuvres Test. MOD 1
28 Mar 2014 Build Kitchen at 34. Created 6″ hole interior > exterior wall for ventilation
Create and Install massive Ikea kitchen (on my own). 3 weeks approx.
26 Mar 2014 Motorcycle CBT Test
15 Feb 2014 Motorcycle Driving Theory Test
Dec 2013 MyGuide – Guide Dogs Training
Oct 2013 Swanage
Oct 2012 Portugal
9 Sep 2012 Paralympics Closing Ceremony (London)
Aug 2012 Plymouth and Fireworks
2012 Swanage
28 Apr 2012 Bournemouth Weekend
21 Apr 2012 Natural History Museum: Body Worlds – Animals Inside Out, Scotts Last Expedition
Feb 2012 Sweden. Gothenburg / Goteburg and visit to Malmo
Feb 2012 Denmark. Copenhagen / Kobenhavn
Feb 2012 Nuffield Theatre. Orpheus in the Underworld | Southampton Operatic Society
11 Dec 2011 Steve Harley 3-Man Acoustic Show. Southampton Brook.
Oct 2011 Snowdonia. Walk/Climb Snowdon
13 Oct 2011 Mayflower Theatre Southampton. All the Fun of the Fair
Jul 2011 Silverstone Formula 1
End May / Start Jun 2011 Morocco
Apr 2011 Devon and Cornwall. Plymouth, Padstow, Sennan Cove, Lands End, Carharrack
Mar 2011 Belgium. Brussels, Waterloo
Jun 2010 Nuffield Theatre Southampton. When Harry Met Sally
Jun 2010 Yorkshire Dales. Walk, Waterfalls, York
Apr 2010 Netherlands / North Holland
Jan 2010 Nuffield Theatre Southampton. Biba Performance, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
Dec 2009 Fuerteventura and Lanzarote
May 2009 Peak District
Oct 2008 Wales
Apr 2008 Isle of Man
Mar 2007 South Africa
Jul 2005 China
Sep 2003 Greece. Crete
Aug 2003 Leeds Music Festival
Spring 2003 Roscoff, France
Feb 2003 Ireland
Jan or Feb 2003 USA. New York
Salzburg Ski, Österreich
Cevennes Region, France