I am happiest when…

I am happiest when…

– Watching a good movie

– Listening to the radio:

  • In the kitchen
  • Walking on my own
  • Driving on my own
  • While doing DIY

– Noticing someone who needs help

– Helping someone who needs help

– When something goes right, more precisely with: partly my intervention or help and part helped itself

– Learning

– Unique ideas by original thought

– Finishing work that I enjoy

– Achieving more than I expected of myself

– Creating something absolutely unique

– When the universe shows recognition or validation / confirms something complex that I thought about

– Lower blood pressure etc

– Feeling content

– Facing / experiencing ‘the elements’ – strong wind on my face, sea ..sunrise on the way to work, sunset after a long drive

– Watching ‘the elements’ (on my own) e.g. television documentary involving snow, and/or alternative cultures

– Visual: lights of a distant town, shelter of a good looking tree, beautiful or interesting female (or interesting male)

– When a woman is kind to me

– In a group that is safe / a group containing very young and very old people; multi-generational. Shared positive experience.

– Feeling safe

– When time isn’t an issue

– When I remember and feel a certain persons presence combined with pure presence of love (love of them and their love)

– Smells: cut grass, passing the scent of an english garden bonfire on a dry or summer evening, pheromones etc

– Touch

– Being (and feeling secure) in the company of someone who doesn’t make me feel sad or threatened

– Trust

– Everything in my environment is clean and in sensible order with placement that supports need and function

– When everything has a place

– Being prepared, thinking ahead and making suitable arrangements and preparations for anticipated change

– Invention

– Music

– Stumbling across or discovering a (great) new film or musical artist that perfectly fits the moment or my short term or recurring moods / taste

– Reading

– Riding a horse that wants to go out

– Riding a motorcycle

– Museum and gallery visit

– Being around like-minded people who share the same views and outlook

– When people are open-minded

– When people don’t judge

– When people are humble

– When people do their work well

– When animals don’t suffer

– Humour/comedy; watching or hearing something which makes me laugh out loud, jokes that hit me

– When I make someone laugh

– Pleasing a girlfriend or making her laugh

– No surprises

– After exercise

– Cotton pyjamas in a cotton bed in a perfectly silent room

– Having a laugh with close friends

– In a shower

– First hot drink of the day

– Being in an environment which empowers me, (such as new bigger car – X-Trail) or residential rooms with high ceilings, offices with plenty of light

– Working with or around others

– When I have all and any office stationary to hand

– When I complete something

– When I am on my own