Home is when I had grandparents
Home is endless hours
Playing with Simon and Helen
On the Lane
By the Village Green

Home is sitting in the back of my parent’s car when I was five.
Home is visiting Bills house.
Home is when I was at primary school
Home is when I worked for a supermarket, before University
Home is anywhere with Stasia

Home is Mum making Sunday roast
Or asking me to go to the shop,
To fetch missing ingredients.

Home is early mornings,
In 1980’s weekends
1980’s cartoons,
but only in the 1980’s.

Home is 20ps worth of penny sweets
Or an early morning paper round

Home is sitting on a carpet,
Playing, inventing, building, destroying –
Toys; real and imagined.
Lazy Sunday, late-afternoon, early-evening television,
Sounding the intro to The Antiques Roadshow, or Songs of Praise

Home is Land of the Giants, or DS9
Home is the 1990’s
Bits and pieces of it

Home is collecting, cutting wood,
For autumn, winter fires.
Home has been West Oxfordshire.
Plays, fetes, public sales,
Rivers, churches, roads, playing fields

Home is the cobbled streets
Side lamps and air
Of certain Coastal towns

Day and night
Home is next to or on the edge of the sea
Home is a good gust of wind
Home is walking around the reservoir
Home is listening to the radio.

Home is stone walls
Home is food and drink.
Home is the hot sun
A carefree day

Home is passing the smell of
Freshly cut grass,
Or English garden bonfires
With a setting sun

Home is the late night drive
The unexpected movie or television episode
Home is in the shower, occasional baths

Home is Bob Dylan.
Home is art –

Home is not pudding,
(unless its mums treacle sponge pudding).
/ special persons apple crumble.
Home is a time and a place.
And all the while,
You have been there.
That’s home.