Reflections – by Gary French

Sometimes I see myself
In faces of passers by
Sometimes it’s in faces of the opposite sex
Not gender related, nor attraction
This has nothing to do with emotion
A glimpse of self perhaps.
These instances
Class free
Sometimes up and sometimes down
Various places, strangers faces.

Maybe we witnessed or shared something in our time
Experienced something, remember something
Or can’t forget something
But it’s there
In a short, brief stare.

Faces don’t admit it
But our eyes do, when they meet
They know.
They acknowledge each other
In something shorter than an instant

How? a glimpse, a moment
A gaze, a passing view
Witnessing something meaningful,
In someone else’s face
A simple moment.

Reflection in glass – vague
Reflection in a steel pan, distorted
Other reflections, diffused.
Gaze in to a mirror,
Although opposite.
Specular Reflection.

But each mirror is different
In view, a focussed reflection
and near
Who am I today?
How well did I sleep?
How healthy am I?
How old am I?

Shops, cars.
Make use of a surface.
We don’t look deep into windows
We look through them
Or shorter still
Useful for squaring up,
Adjusting an outfit
Fixing hair

Reflection. Light,
Occasional mistakes of birds in flight
Looks can kill you know

And here, the shadow
Sometimes moving around and around
Shapes on land
Shadow sand

Maybe we witnessed or shared something in our time.
Experienced or remember something
Past, present or still to come

Yes. Sometimes I see a connection,
In a strangers eyes.
Something familiar.
If accidental
And not strange, at all.